Freitag, 9. November 2012

Update: Back to farm life :-)

Within my last two months in New Zealand, I also went back to the farm near Gisborne for a week and visited the Smith's family again. It was so good being back and I realized how happy I was to work on the farm again. Allen and Stephanie Smith are great people and treated me as part of their family. 
In this week we were weighing, drenching and dehorning cattles. The other day we were "docking" lambs. That means to mark the little lambs in their ear, castrate the male ones and cutting their tails off. Another completely new experience for me.
I definetely enjoyed my week back on the farm. Being outside all day and sitting in front of the fire after a good dinner is just great!

happy chicken lay yummi eggs :-)

some cattles...

this cow likes roses

happy animals

little lambs

they  were really cute

Allen & Steph Smith

Al with a stag he shot - so proud :-)

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