Freitag, 9. November 2012

Update: Back to farm life :-)

Within my last two months in New Zealand, I also went back to the farm near Gisborne for a week and visited the Smith's family again. It was so good being back and I realized how happy I was to work on the farm again. Allen and Stephanie Smith are great people and treated me as part of their family. 
In this week we were weighing, drenching and dehorning cattles. The other day we were "docking" lambs. That means to mark the little lambs in their ear, castrate the male ones and cutting their tails off. Another completely new experience for me.
I definetely enjoyed my week back on the farm. Being outside all day and sitting in front of the fire after a good dinner is just great!

happy chicken lay yummi eggs :-)

some cattles...

this cow likes roses

happy animals

little lambs

they  were really cute

Allen & Steph Smith

Al with a stag he shot - so proud :-)

Donnerstag, 8. November 2012

Update: Good times in Raglan :-)

Hello everybody, 

even if I'm already back in Germany now, it is time to update my blog and tell you about my last two months in New Zealand. After I spent 8 weeks in Australia it was time to fly back to Auckland. My car was still there and with a little help from the manager of the hostel the car went smoothly again and I could start my new adventure.
When I left Auckland on the 09th of August I had no idea where to go so I just started driving in direction to Mount Maunganui. Then I got a phonecall from a friend in Raglan and she told me I could work in the hostel for my accommodation. So I decided to go there and stay for 1 or two weeks. In the end I ended up in Raglan for 6 weeks and I had an absolutely fantastic time with heaps of fun people, good surfing and I've also sold my car to a guy in the hostel. Unfortunately I was confined to bed for a week because of a really nasty cold but it was good to have nice people around so I could get well again.

Here are some pictures from my time in Raglan:

beautiful sunset at Whale Bay

Cheesmaking Session in the hostel

we made Ricotta, Mozarella and Haloumi cheese...

quiz night in the hostel lounge

 On the 29th of August my friend Christin and me did a day hike to the summit of Mount Kariori.
A very exhausting hike but the views along the way and on the summit were absolutely stunning.

very steep...

Mount Tongariro and Mount Ruhapehu

views from the summit...

More fun times in Raglan :-)

making homemade pizza in the wood fired oven

I wish this would be the view from my house some day :-)
my Farewell-Dinner...everybody cooked something and then we shared it all - very yummi :-)

surf action in Raglan

I love this surfboard :-)

the water tower in Raglan

Bridal Veil Falls

New Zealand Fern

my first attemps at slacklining...

Roxy, Lizzie and Charlie...

Chris & me

good times with the girls...:-)
Coming to Raglan was the best thing that could have happened  in my last weeks in New Zealand. I really enjoyed my time here and escpecially meeting all those people. Had lots of good chats, nice dinners, good surfing, hours and hours in the hot tub, good laughs and so on...
I'll definetely miss this place. Raglan is so relaxed and all the people here are really easy going.
The Raglan Backpackers is definetely one of the best hostel in New Zealand and the owners Suz and Tim put so much love and effort in it. Have to come back some day thats for sure!!!